How does it work?


We suggest you start with light salad, rice with beans and then signal that you are ready to start the Rodizio by turning the card on your table to the green side. Once you have enough, simply turn the card to the red side. Do not forget that there are many other meats to follow and you can order as many servings as you want.


Carvers make their rounds to tables continuously until all the specialties of the house are served or until the customer is satisfied. You can have more of everything or just your favorites. Among Brazilians, a full Rodizio includes talking with dinner companions that can last for hours. It's an experience, not just a meal.


We hope you enjoy this delicious adventure called Rodizio, along with the unique style and tradition of Brazilian barbecue.

Rodizio includes unlimited visits to our fabulous buffet with a wide variety of salads, vegetables and delicious Brazilian dishes. (Vegetarians can only enjoy the buffet.) For dessert, enjoy Passion Fruit Mousse, Pineapple Creme, Flan and Chocolate Ball.

                       Bom Apetite!